Dirty Birdy: An Evil Minded Rhyme Game App Reviews

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Worth it

Awesome game

Fun to play

Wish there were other ways to earn hints

Amusing and Fun At First

When I first downloaded this game, I adored it — dirty humor, outside-the-box thinking, and word play all make (made?) it a matter of “What’s not to like?”. And yet, at the end of the puzzles (about 5 days gameplay, for me), I felt somewhat bereft. With no updates in so long and the game feeling abandoned/dropped, I can only give it 2 stars.

Download this game!

It’s hilarious! Not sure how all these people finished all the levels, but guaranteed to make you laugh!


I literally cannot stop playing


This game is so funny!! I'm blowing through the levels so fast because I'm loving how much it makes me laugh and think! I'm a little concerned about the other reviews saying there's not enough levels but I'll worry about that when I get there.

Need to add new levels

The game was fun but I paid $.99 and completed all the levels within a week. I've been waiting for more levels to be added but so far nothing has happened. The game should be free if there are no more than 41 levels. Very disappointed.


Very fun game!! 👍🏽👍🏽

Fun and snarky

I love it. Can’t stop playing.

great app


Awesome Game 🙌🏽

Literally the most fun stimulation to have on the train ride to/coming home from work, any time of day really. It's so inappropriate, you kind of just end up appropriating it all day long lol. Super fun.

Needs new levels

Fun game. Loved it till levels ran out. Months and months with not a single level added. Five stars for concept. Zero stars for ongoing support. As of October 29,2017, it's been at least 6 months without a single new puzzle added. Emails from support just say they are working on new puzzles. I still get daily reminders to play with a free hint. What good are hundreds of hints without a single puzzle to use them on? Level 41 is it. Period. Maybe someday they will update the app and add new levels but don't hold your breath. Sad, as they were FUN!

Good game needs more lvl

^ good game just needs more levels good way to spend time when you have nothing to do

Be warned

Thought the title was a cute play on words but this is a nasty game and should be rated X.

Too Legit to Quit

This game is great! I downloaded this game when it first came out and uninstalled it because I wanted to wait for more levels to beat, but a few months later I redownload it and I have to start all over again because I bought a new phone (dang et). Not sure if there’s new levels yet, but it’s definently fun playing this again. And Dirty Birdy can definently be dirtier;)

Please Update!

I love the game; it definitely had a few puzzles that made you think for a bit. I just wish they would update! I’ve been done for a few months, but there have been no updates to add new levels.


I play this literally everynight it's probably the best word game ever!

Good for when you need to pass time

I'm in level 12 and still find this entertaining while sitting in waiting rooms or standing in line. A great game to pick up that doesn't take up a lot of time (and that you can close whenever you need to return to real life) and can help fill blank time.

Love this game but

I enjoyed playing this game for a few months but finished all available puzzles and now I'm waiting for the blessed update that graces the adoring fans of Dirty Birdy with more amazing wordplay. It's been months. If it weren't for that fact this would be a five-star review. I'll be waiting.

Not so dirty

Lots of fun, really not that dirty but still too much for kids

A combo of two great things

Adult jokes and puzzles that make you think, brilliant combination


Download FUN!

So much fun!

The phrases are hilariously dirty.


This game is a little raunchy, a little silly, and super-fun too! You'll enjoy it!

Dirty Birdy

Fun game. 👍


Funny, could be better. Passes time.


Love it!


I absolutely love this game! Once you start playing, you won't want to stop!

Mint 👌🏼

Lit fam.

Very fun

Most puzzles are pretty clean

Quite fun/Passes Time

Fun game that passes the time. Some challenging puzzles but some are too easy to guess as well. Hope they do add more dirty puzzles in the future for fun! Gets your brain going.

Very entertaining

Fun to play to bypass time and work your brain

Funny time killer

It keeps me occupied

Decent game but not many levels

This game is fun but there are a few repeat rhymes and there are only 41 levels. The app says that new levels will be added regularly but I've been done the 41 levels for months now and no new levels have been added!

Brain game

Great way to fill time on the train.

Good humor, fun game.

Great way to pass time, good use of dark/dirty humor, overall awesome game.

Pretty Good.

Great time killer

Interesting game

While not always challenging, I found it amusing and laugh out loud funny on a few occasions. Honestly, I expected it to be a bit more raunchy, but overall I'm not totally disappointed.

Passes the time really well

This game is a fun. I enjoy playing it in my down time.

Good fun

Easy to play in short time Windows and come in and out of.

Dirty Birdy

I love this. It is cute and I can do the puzzles.

Just right!

Fun, clever and just a little dirty! Quick to play and easily addictive.

Update p l e a s e

I loved this game, and played it nonstop as much as I could. I beat it in February though, and it STILL doesn't have any new levels. I just hope they add more levels soon.

Good fun

I originally got this game just for the Evil Apples deck, but I've ended up really enjoying this game.




Super addictive and fun

Funny game for wordsmiths!

I like that the game is cheeky and profane. It's a great way to waste a little time on a lunch break!

Great game but.....

Had a lot of fun with the game until they ran out of levels. Did they just give up on the app? About ready to delete it.

awesome game!

love the gameplay


Was pretty fun, but a weekend sick in bed and I completed all the available levels.

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